Thursday, August 26, 2010


To Be Thai Menu


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  2. I love your restaurant and I have a suggestion...

    When taking the order over the phone, perhaps the person can ask the customer if s/he would like plastic utensils or menus. That way those of us who always end up having to throw them away because we keep forgetting to request that they are not sent with the order, are reminded that s/he does not want or need them.

    I keep forgetting to tell you that I don't need them when I call. If it is protocol for the phone waitstaff to ask every time, you guys would save some money and a lot of us out here who continuously have to throw them away won't have to feel badly for doing so anymore.

    Just a very friendly suggestion. Your food is yummy and your service is good. That's why I keep coming back. Thank you!

    Lori Ann

    (PS. I initially spelled "menus" wrong and had to re-post!)

  3. TAKE CREDIT CARD! Most people these days do not carry cash. I am willing to bet you sales will increase negating any credit card fees.